“Why sit when you can stand?”

The one and only original urinating device that enables women to pee standing up in the most comfortable, easiest and most of all hygienic way.

The P-Mate is the ideal solution for women when a normal toilet is missing, or when there is a toilet, but it is (very) dirty. Convenient during travelling, a long drive by car or bus, even airplane. When you wearing a motorsuit, during sport activities, events and festivals.

When you need to supply a urine sample at the doctors office, or when you are temporary not able to sit down.

The P-Mate is made from fully recyclable carton. The ergonomic design is developed based on experiences of many women who used the P-Mate. Perhaps you need to adapt to the thought, but when you have used it, you know why!zonder.

“Why wait until you’re home?”

Where and when you can use a P-Mate:


P-Mates are sold in pouches as 5Packs or in single use, with or without hygienic tissues.

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Own branding / private label is possible of course. Feel free to ask us for possibilities. Are you interested in bulk quantities or want to become a distributor? Contact us any time through info@p-mate.com. We will make sure that we will respond as soon as possible.